Gore Physiotherapy Centre
Occupational Therapy Accupuncture Fees


Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 8am until 6pm (Subject to public holidays) Allow up to 30 minutes for initial treatment, and 20 minutes for subsequent treatments

Tapanui Every Wednesday we work out of the West Otago Health Medical Centre, Tapanui Raes Junction Highway, 8:30am until 5pm For appointments please ring Gore Physio Clinic 2085500




Private Consultations
Initial Appointment fees…..$50.00
Subsequent Appointment Fees…..$45.00
Private Extended Consultation Fees for Double Pathologies…..$50.00
School Student and Beneficiary Fees…..$40.00

ACC or Private Work Insurer:
Initial Assessment and Treatment fees…..$20.00
Subsequent Appointment Fees…..$17.00
(Fees will still be incurred for acupuncture, splints, strapping tape etc)

Fees for failure to attend your appointment without prior cancellation…..$15.00

A $5.00 account fee accompanies fees not paid at the time of treatment

Gym fees
(Attendance restricted and at the discretion of the principal) $10.00 per session